Call for Papers

for the book entitled

Economic, Technical and Scientific Issues Concerning Turkey and Germany





About the Book:

The main objective of this book is to address the current situation in Turkish-German relations, to reveal expectations for the future and to suggest ways of improving it further. This book intends to publish original research articles about Turkey and Germany. The title of the book is: Economic, Technical and Scientific Issues Concerning Turkey and Germany.





PART I: Socio-Economic and Business Relations

  • Turkish-German Relations in the last decade
  • Trade between Turkey and Germany: facts, opportunities, challenges, possible improvement areas
  • Legal issues concerning macroeconomic relations and trade between Germany and Turkey
  • Examples of successful German businesses in Turkey, or vice versa
  • Franchising agreements between Germany and Turkey
  • How to transfer know-how between the two countries successfully?
  • The Problems of Turkish labor force in Germany, German work-force in Turkey
  • The contribution of Turkish work-force to Germany; German Work-force to Turkey
  • Germany-founded non-governmental organizations/foundations in Turkey: their activities and economic, social and cultural contributions to Turkey
  • Germans living in Turkey, their perceptions about the Turkish economy. In which respect are their perceptions about Turkey different than Germans living in Germany?
  • Originally Turkish foundations in Germany and their role/contribution in shaping the society/economy/business in Germany
  • The Cultural influence of Turkish immigration on Germany, and the German economy and business environment
  • The influence of Turkish society in Germany in shaping economic and political relations between Germany and Turkey
  • Turkish and German artistic products that deal with Turkish immigration/Turks in Germany / Turkish-German interaction; and their economic consequences
  • Tourism / Health Tourism, challenges and opportunities, possible co-operations
  • Remittances and their impact on the Turkish economy. Trends in remittances.


PART II: Technical and Scientific Cooperation

  • Technical Know-How transfer between Turkey and Germany: Its past, present and future. Challenges and opportunities.
  • New areas for technical and scientific cooperation between Turkey and Germany.
  • The role of private/non-governmental organizations in improving technical and scientific cooperation between Turkey and Germany.
  • Acceptance and usage of new technologies and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) instruments (e.g. RFID, QR Codes, Smart Phones) in Germany and Turkey
  • Impact of socio-cultural factors on the acceptance and the success of new business applications (e.g. mobile marketing, mobile tagging, E-SCM) that emerge as a result of ICT developments.


Please be reminded that the above suggested topics can be changed to fit the expertise and interests of the respective authors. This interdisciplinary, edited book will cover various topics on history, culture, media, education, politics, international relations, trade, economics, business, tourism etc. However, such topics should be considered in view of Turkish-German relations, which is the essence of the book.


Length of each book chapter:

Book-chapters should be submitted as a Word document attachment. Book-chapters, including an abstract, bibliography, notes and space for graphic contributions, should not exceed 20-25 double-spaced pages, or a total of approximately 6,000 words.


Author biographies:

60 to 100 words in paragraph form. These may include present position, titles, degrees, experience, major publications, research interests, areas of professional expertise, etc.



An abstract of the paper, up to 150-250 words, should indicate the purpose of the paper, its most significant outcomes and the conclusion. Abstract is submitted on a separate sheet, with the name and surname of the author, the title of the paper, and the heading “Abstract”. At the end of the Abstract, under the heading “Keywords”, the most significant terms mentioned in the text should be listed in alphabetical order (up to five terms).


Style and format:

Where other people’s ideas, data, terms, etc are quoted, the source should be given within the text, and not in footnotes. References are given in brackets and include the author’s surname, year of publication, and, in the case of word for word citation, also the page number (for example: Holmberg, 1977, p. 23). For details authors should consult APA citation style.


Book chapters should be written in 12 points Times New Roman, double-spaced, one column.

The margins should be set as follows: LEFT 2 cm wide to allow for binding, TOP 1 cm, RIGHT 1 cm and BOTTOM 1 cm. All text including headings should be left justified and all continuing text should be fully justified.


The bibliography:

The bibliography should provide full information about all the works mentioned in the references. The list should include only works referred to, or mentioned in the text, in alphabetical order according to the authors’ surname, and in chronological order for works by the same author.  For details authors should consult APA citation style.



Book chapter submission due dates:

  • Abstract submission
  • Feedback to authors
  • Full book chapter submission
  • Book chapter proofreading
  • Keying-in of corrections
  • Book chapter final submission
  • Book publication 
June 15, 2014
July 15, 2014
December 15, 2014
December 15, 2014 to March 15, 2015
March 15 to April 15, 2015
April 30, 2015
June 2015




This book will be published in English by a German Publisher in Germany.

Abstract Submission:  Abstracts should be submitted to no later than June 15, 2014.



Assist. Prof. Dr. Elif Nuroğlu 

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