SAP Dual Study Program Begins at Turkish-German University


Within the scope of the cooperation agreement signed between the enterprise software company SAP and Turkish German University, the SAP Dual Study Program, which is carried out in the leading universities of the world, will be implemented for the first time in Turkish-German University (TGU) in Turkey. Students participating in the program will be entitled to receive internationally valid SAP certificates if they become successful in the relevant exam after receiving the comprehensive training on SAP technologies. In this way, the young will have a chance to work as SAP Consultants when they enter the business world.

First time in Turkey at TGU

A signing ceremony was held at TGU Beykoz campus in order to announce the cooperation regarding the program, which is being carried out in 16 countries and 33 universities and will be implemented for the first time in Turkey at TGU. TGU Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Akkanat, SAP Turkey Managing Director Uğur Candan, TGU Coordinator Prof. Dr. İzzet Furgaç, TGU Advisor to the Rector Dr. Ahmet Yıldız and SAP Turkey Government Affairs Director Dr. Onur Yıldırım attended the ceremony.

Technological contribution to privileged education of TGU

Expressing his contentedness that SAP Dual Study Program will be implemented at TGU for the first time, Rector Akkanat stated that education in the digital age is shaped by innovation and technological developments. After emphasizing the importance of keeping up with the 21st century and being open to innovations, Akkanat explained that many Research and Development (R&D) studies were carried out at a practice-oriented university, TAU; and that the groundbreaking ceremony of  Teknopark had been held a short time ago. Akkanat stated, “Our university has 37 partner universities in Germany. In accordance with mutual agreements with these universities, our students are entitled to have double degrees. The curricula are prepared with the joint work of acknowledged academicians from the two countries and are carried out mainly by a distinguished academic staff. We are planning to offer a privileged certificate program within the scope of cooperation with SAP Turkey. Therefore, our students will learn the practices in the field of new technologies and will earn an internationally valid SAP certificate.”

Opportunity to be ahead of the competition

SAP Turkey Managing Director Uğur Candan emphasized that TGU students having knowledge of SAP's advanced technologies will have the opportunity to be ahead of the competition when they enter the business world, and he stated that as an institution, they use their expertise in technology and innovation to contribute to society and the youth. “With the digital transformation, the need for labour specialized in new technologies is increasing day by day. It is of great importance to implement programs that provide education to the young in the field of digital technology and facilitate their employment.” Candan also stated, "We are happy to be launching the program for the first time in our country and at a state university- TGU. I would like to thank dear administrators of TGU for their cooperation.”