Siemens Digital Industry Lab Opened


The opening ceremony of the Siemens Digital Industry Laboratory was held on Monday, June 13 at Turkish-German University Beykoz Campus with the presentations of our graduate students. In addition to many guests, Turkish-German University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Aysel Uzuntaş, Turkish-German University General Coordinator Prof. Dr. Ferit Küçükay and the President and CEO of Siemens Turkey Dr. Hüseyin Gelis attended the ceremony.  

In the ceremony Dr. Gelis, who took the floor after Prof. Dr. Küçükay's opening speech, underlined the importance of raising open-minded, free-thinking young people who can produce innovative ideas and that this is the factor that carries companies forward in the industry. In her speech, Vice-Rector Uzuntaş emphasized the contribution of Siemens Digital Industry Laboratory to university-industry cooperation.

In the continuation of the ceremony, the Head of Mechatronics Engineering Department Assoc. Dr. Tuba Çonka Yıldız held a presentation about the contribution of Siemens Digital Industry Laboratory facilities to Turkish-German University Engineering Faculty and course contents and talked about important milestones in the development of Siemens- Turkish-German University cooperation.

After the presentation of the Director of R&D and IT of Siemens Turkey Director Erdem Alptekin, where he talked about the internal dynamics of Siemens and where the candidate engineers could be involved in the ecosystem, Prof. Dr. Hasan Smajic emphasized the training contents in the field of automation and      drew attention to the acceleration of industrial developments in automation technologies and the importance of training engineers in this field.

After the presentations, Products and Solution Development Manager of Siemens Ufuk Demiral and Turkish-German University graduate Software Test Engineer Özge Maden guided the guests through the laboratory where automation systems were introduced.

The Siemens Digital Industry Laboratory, aims to train pioneer engineers in the field of Digital Automation in Turkey, with training programs from various fields to which it will provide infrastructure support. Laboratories contribute to the work in many digitized fields and are ready to be automated, especially engineering, enabling people who are competent in related fields to work.