We Hosted the Consul General of Germany in Istanbul


Within the scope of the seminar series entitled "Current Issues in Economics and Administrative Sciences" of TGU Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (FEAS), Germany's Istanbul Consul General Johannes Regenbrecht met with TGU faculty members and students on 22.03.2022.

In the event that started with the opening speech of FEAS Dean Prof. Dr. Ela Sibel Bayrak Meydanoğlu, Consul General Regenbrecht made a presentation titled "Chinas Aufstieg zur Weltmacht - Chance oder Herausforderung - für Europa und die Türkei?".

Reflections of the Chinese Economy on Europe and Turkey

The rapid rise of the Chinese economy in recent years has made China an important country both in the world economy and in the political arena. In his presentation, Consul General Regenbrecht gave information about the opportunities and challenges China, which has become a global power, can create for Europe and Turkey in terms of economic and political relations.