Academic Celebration


The academic celebration ceremony, as a result of the appointment of the new rector with the theme "Welcome to our new rector Prof. Cemal Yıldız" and "Farewell to our previous rector Prof. Halil Akkanat, was held on 23 June 2022 at TGU Classrooms Building Conference Hall.

       The ceremony program was carried out as two parts. The first part was for the farewell to Prof. Halil Akkanat, who served as the vice rector between 2012-2014 and the Rector of TGU between 2014-2022. The second part was a ceremony to say welcome to the new rector Prof. Cemal Yıldız, who was appointed as the TGU rector with the Presidential Decree on 3 June 2022.

       The first part began with the opening speech of Prof. Ferit Küçükay, who is the TGU General Coordinator and the video presentation about the period in which Prof. Halil Akkanat served as a rector at TGU. Mr. Küçükay stated that Prof. Akkanat played an important role in the period of his appointment and thanked Prof. Halil Akkanat for his contributions to Turkish-German University. Prof. Küçükay also wished the new rector Prof. Yıldız whom he believed would provide the most suitable conditions for the development of the university every success in his new position. Assistant Professor Ahmet Yıldız who is an academic at the department of Computer Engineering at TGU and who was invited to exchange farewells to the previous rector on behalf of the university staff said "On behalf of myself and all my colleagues, I would like to thank you for gifting the university such a beautiful and valuable culture." by emphasizing the participative working environment which Prof. Akkanat created. After the video presentation of farewell messages to Prof. Akkanat, Prof Rita Süssmuth who is the TGU Consortium President expressed her best wishes for the new term of TGU. After Prof. Süssmuth’s and vice rector Prof. Aysel Uzuntaş’s giving presents, Prof. Akkant went on stage to deliver his speech. By stating that TGU serves to transform the cooperation of interests between the two countries into a partnership of common values, Mr. Akkanat ended his speech by saying “I wish that all the heroes who helped the Turkish-German partnership to be realized in our university continue their interest and support for the deepening of the joint work, as they have done so far, and I am greeting you, our esteemed guests, who honor us by participating in this meaningful ceremony.

       The second part of the academic celebration ceremony, which also included cello and oud concerts, began with TGU e Consortium Vice President Dr. Kai Sicks’s speech in which he wished the continuation of the success of TGU. After Dr. Sicks’ and Prof. Uzuntaş's  giving presents, TGU Rector Prof. Cemal Yıldız made his speech in which he included the inauguration message. Prof. Yıldız said “I have a very high belief that we will do all the necessary work together to develop a university practice of which we are proud to be a member; Our university, which is one of the best examples of international education cooperation, will achieve great success in fields such as science, technology, culture and art with a synergy based on Turkish-German cooperation. Therefore, I am extremely happy to have had the opportunity to work with the youth and academic/administrative staff who are the guarantee of our bright future."  Prof. Yıldız added "My vision is to to make TGU an innovative and excellent university together with you, to intensify international cooperation with our German partner universities and the business world, and to establish new collaborations." He ended his speech by emphasizing his goal of promoting excellence in education and research, and the goal of cooperation based on trust and the realization of many future projects.