Turkish-German University is a joint project in terms of Turkish and German relationship. By playing bridges between the two countries, it plays an important role in the development of both countries in terms of scientific, economic, social and ecological aspects. With this goal in mind, a cooperation agreement will be drawn up between the Foundation for Supporting the Turkish-German University in Istanbul and the Supporting Association of the Turkish-German University in Stuttgart.

Duties and Objectives of the Foundation 
Both foundations will provide personal and financial assistance in TGU's public support efforts. With the help of donations from other organizations, foundations and individuals, the needs of the university will be met and support will be provided to achieve common goals. 
The most important goal is to keep education at the highest level and at the same time contribute to the development of TGU. Emphasis will be placed on the acquisition of qualified personnel with command of the German language. Additional payment will be made for administrative staff and academics. In addition to these, in-service training has been planned for the staff in the fields of language and expertise. In this area, every support to be received especially for scholarship and research duties, for  the continuity of the academician team and technical equipment of TGU is important. It has been planned to establish the largest Technopark among universities across Turkey at TGU and to equip it with modern laboratory equipment. Computers and books will be available to facilitate university education. Successful students will be given a scholarship, and will be offered the opportunity to visit Germany, especially during their education. For these and for future researches to be realized, foundations need all kinds of support.

You can also contribute to TGU to become an elite university with your financial support. Thus, you can influence the education of students, play an important role in training the graduates of the future, and earn the best ones for your companies. Your engagement will have a positive impact on your corporate image. 

Under the chairmanship of Professor Dr. Schuster, Stuttgart TGU Support Association was established. Members of the Board of Trustees of the Association:

  • Wolfgang Schuster 
  • Emre Can 
  • Halil Akkanat
  • Wilhelm Bauer
  • Tarik Esen
  • İzzet Furgaç
  • Rolf A. Königs
  • Edzard Reuter
  • Rita Süssmuth
  • Refik Necdet Türkoğlu

Turkish-German University Support Foundation was established on January 7, 2014 in Istanbul.
Members of the Foundation's Board of Trustees:
  • Cemal Yıldız
  • Halil Akkanat
  • Nejat Aday
  • Mustafa Ünal
  • Abuzer Kendigelen
  • MKE A.Ş.
  • Refik Necdet Türkoğlu
  • Hüseyin Serhat Kutlan
  • Ahmet Göksel Yücel
  • Recep Emre Can
  • Tarık Esen
  • Steven Young
  • Mehmet Çankaya
  • Ali Ürey
  • Murat Elmalı
  • Ercan Özcan
  • Üzeyir Doğan
  • Ümran Ay Say
  • Hamide Özden Özkaya Ferendeci
  • Enes Bayraklı
  • Mahmut Yavuz 

Members of the Foundation's Board of Directors:
  • Ali Ürey
  • Mahmut Yavuz
  • Hakan Boztaş
  • Abdurrahman Kılıç
  • Mehmet Çankaya