Turkish-German University Industry Workshop


On July 7, 2022, an “Industry Workshop” was held in the Creative Media Laboratory Hall, hosted by Turkish-German University, with the participation of the representatives of the industry giants.

The opening speech was delivered by TGU Rector Prof. Dr. Cemal Yıldız and TGU General Coordinator Prof. Dr. In the workshop conducted by Ferit Küçükay; Industrial giant companies such as Mercedes-Benz Türk, BSH, Siemens, Allianz Teknik, MAN, Bosch, Bayer, SAP and Turkish-German University faculty members came together.

After the opening speeches, as a result of the establishment and effective implementation of the university-industry cooperation, sharing was made with the sector stakeholders about taking steps that will bring high value-added products to the country's economy and industry. Presentations on TGU research fields were conducted by the representatives of industrial organizations, with the introduction of company activities and the transfer of faculty representatives from our faculty. Opinions were exchanged on areas that could bring together research topics and companies' workspaces, and that could form the basis for a concrete university-industry cooperation infrastructure by identifying mutual potential workspace and needs.